Kaze Chikara Karate

Sunderland Championship Results 30/06/2024

We took a team of 12 to the 13th Sunderland Karate Championships today. Everyone represented the club brilliantly, and supported each other, which was lovely to see. We are so pleased with the progress we're making, both as a club and as individuals. It's not a small thing to get up in front of everyone and perform, and everyone who took part should be proud of themselves, even if there wasn't a medal this time.

Gold: Senior Male Kumite - David
Gold: Novice to 4th Kyu Kata - Joseph
Silver: Novice to 4th Kyu Kata 10 and under - Joseph
Silver: Boys 11 to 14 Kumite Under 5ft - Kai
Bronze: Adult Kyu grade Kata - Allegra
Bronze: Children's Brown Belt Kata - Kai
Bronze: Children's Black Belt Kata - William
Bronze: Male Black Belt Kata - David

Picture below.